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‘Decapitated’ woman pulled from river was a “sex-type doll” in Merritt Island

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A post went viral in a Merritt Island Facebook group about concerned citizens discussing an apparent “decapitated woman” pulled from the water by Island Pointe condos. Cody Green, the person who made the initial post is apparently a maintenance worker for the condos according to him, and he’s the one who discovered the “body.”

We were sent photos and videos of the body being pulled from the water by law enforcement. There was speculation that it wasn’t an actual body but a mannequin. Turns out that it was neither.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s office, it was a very realistic looking doll, like a sex doll. It was realistic enough apparently to at least warrant a response from law enforcement.

The community expressed great concern that such an act would not be publicly addressed by law enforcement, however, when we inquired with BCSO, they quickly responded to us to ensure us that it was not a real person, and there was not danger to the community.

In the comments on the very long thread, were many supposed “confirmed facts” that the victim was a local stripper that frequented a local bar, but none of that was true. As always, thank you for sending us your concerns, and we will continue to try and address them and get you the facts.

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