Zachary Peifer of Satellite Beach made a “lost dog” post for his family pug, Ben Chang who had gone missing. Shortly after, a neighbor reported seeing a crocodile swimming in the canal with a pug in its mouth.

According to residents, a total of 3 crocs have been spotted in Satellite Beach. They’ve been found lurking under kayak launching docs, in culverts, and people’s yard.

The FWC is well aware of the endangered animals in the area and have asked residents to notify them when they are seen.

One of the larger 9ft crocs’ tracking beacons was dislodged during a recent relocation, making it more difficult to track.

More residents expressed concern about their small children who fish and play in the docs in the area.

Crocodiles are thinner and lighter in color than typical alligators we are used to seeing in Florida. They are a bit more shy than alligators as well according to experts.


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