Councilman Anderson Wears Wire Meeting With Mazziotti; Former Palm Bay Mayor & Joe Aguiar


On June 1, 2017 Palm Bay City Councilman Brian Anderson agreed to wear a wire for the FBI in an upcoming meeting with former Palm Bay Mayor John Mazziotti at his residence.

Greg Lynk (Fired Palm Bay City Manager), Joe Aguiar, David Isnardi

Mazziotti spent more than two years in federal prison after being convicted in 1972 of selling amphetamines and importing the drugs across the U.S.-Canadian border. There’s also the matter of a 1961 conviction for illegal entry after he and a buddy stole a cash register from a store.

The following is the investigative report form the meeting.

Daniel Martinez (Aguiar’s Current Defense Counsel), John Mazziotti, Joe Aguiar (2016)

The following is the meeting between Anderson and Aguiar.

Former Mayor John Mazziotti and Rob Medina (Current Candidate for Palm Bay Mayor)


  1. My late mother was one of the citizens who lobbied the Govenor to have Mazziotti removed under Writ of Mandamus. After 3 years, death threats and much hard work Maziotti was removed. Sadly, after a $500k campaign contribution, Jeb Bush pardoned Maziotti and he ran again. And the people voted him in again. He still works behind the scenes and supports/mentors/corrupts candidates to this day. The City of Palm Bay is steeped in corruption since it’s inception. Until the voters educate themselves, fact/background check candidates, attend ALL City Council Meetings this will continue. I’m disgusted with the corruption not only at the City level, but County and State level. I’m a native Floridian, born & raised. I’ve spent 35 years in Brevard and I’m disgusted with the corruption which is blatant at this point. Once I retire, I’ll be selling my home and moving. I’m over everyone complaining and no one doing anything about it.

  2. You and me both Lisa! I’ve been here about that long too and am sick of seeing this sleeze and theft go unchecked.
    I have a sinking feeling this is all just going to be washed away and/or end up like Needelman (convicted and then freed for how long now?)

    Anyone know the roofing company that ended up with that contract?


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