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Community rallying for 15-year-old fighting for his life – how you can help

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On Saturday Jan 20th, 15 year old Kamauri sustained a life threatening gun shot wound to the head.

Kamauri lost his mother when he was very young, but remained extremely close to his mother’s family (Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles) He was with his Aunt visiting his Grandmother’s house around 9pm Sat night, when a family member suffering from mental illness opened fire on Kamauri’s Aunt, his Grandmother and Grandfather. Kamauri witnessed the unimaginable when two family members were fatally shot in front of him as they begged for their lives. The gun was then turned on Kamauri and as he ducked for cover, he was shot in the head. His young cousin escaped, but his Grandfather was also fatally shot as the mentally ill family member exited the home. 

Kamauri was taken by Life Flight to a Children’s Hospital where he remains on life support as his team of Doctors wait for the swelling in his brain to be reduced. His prognosis is unknown at this time, although he is a fighter and we pray for a complete recovery.

Kamauri and dad are very close, as you can imagine. His dad, Chari, has been by his side since Sat, and aside from some extended family, he is Kamauri’s entire support system as a single father. Chari does not want to leave Kamauri’s side through the stages of his recovery as the situation is touch and go, but he does not have any paid time off from his Melbourne based job. The road to recovery is going to be a long one with many medical bills, travel expenses, and regular household bills that do not stop in situations like this. All of this will be a huge burden for this single father.

Many people have asked how they can help, and this is how…

  • Spiritually- Pray for Kamauri’s full recovery and for the wisdom of his medical team at every stage of recovery.
  • Financially-Please donate what you can to help this family. They will have huge ongoing medical costs and Kamauri’s dad may have to take a leave from work until he is more stable. Travel expenses will be enormous, and the burden will be great for this single dad.

Those of you that know Kamauri, know his character. He is kind always, an honor roll student, the kind of kid that befriends the friendless, he is respectful to adults, and he is a super star athlete on the basketball court. If anyone is deserving of help at this time in their life, it is Kamauri. Please join me in supporting this family.

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Please consider donating here.


By: Katie Maddox, family friend, youth group leader, and former athletic director of his school

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