Cocoa Police shut down protest threatening arrest and wearing gas masks


Today at 4pm, there was a scheduled peaceful protest at the intersection of 520 and US1 in Cocoa over the deadly police shooting of two Cocoa teens last Friday.

The protest was organized by BLM Brevard Allyship, led by local activist Sofia Mazo.

David Henry (left) and Sofia Manzo (Right)

Sofia states:

We were protecting high school friends of Spud (Sincere Pierce) & AJ (Crooms) and activists protesting at 520 & US1. The two young girls leading us broke down crying. We held them and I think the new Mayor and the Police Chief were there at the very beginning.

We moved to Provost Park because there was a group there, including family, and wanted to give them backup.

We went back to 520 when sun went down for more exposure when it was mostly just young people.

We’re walking around the intersection using crosswalks, and protecting the young people who wanted justice for their friends.

Cops pulled up, stopped us at an intersection, and said “if u get in the road again, you’re all getting arrested.”

We crossed back to where we start. Now there’s under covers & police surrounding us. We make the decision to go when there was at least 10 (I think like 14) CARS, and even more cops.

The mom of girls who broke down made the call to leave, and that’s when we saw the female officer who went in in the trunk of a patrol car strap her gas mask on like she was stoked to do so.

No arrests were made, and no pepper spray or tear gas was deployed by law enforecement.


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