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Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis Endorses Republican Marcie Adkins over Incumbent Randy Fine

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In a press release today, the Adkins campaign released the official endorsement of Brevard County Clerk of Courts Republican Scott Ellis to her candidacy.

“I heartily endorse Marcie Adkins as by far our best choice for the Florida Legislature. Ms. Adkins was raised in Brevard and knows our community well. She’s an intelligent even-tempered individual who will be a positive voice for Brevard and the State of Florida. Marcie Adkins will be a State Representative we will all respect, as she will respect all citizens of our home.”

Scott Ellis, Brevard County CLERK OF COURTS

This announcement comes on the heals of a series of bizarre attacks from Randy Fine on other elected Veteran Republicans in the district, to include retired Lieutenant Colonel and Melbourne City Councilman Tim Thomas, and both the Mayor, Kathy Meehan, and Vice Mayor Alfrey of Melbourne for not agreeing to have his campaign fireworks event.

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Thomas responded to Fine’s attacks in his own Facebook post.

Folks, this will be the last time I will respond to the continued attacks on my patriotism by Representative Randy Fine….

Posted by Tim Thomas on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Over the last week, Fine has gone on a tirade of personal attacks against Dr. Adkins’ political consultant Robert Burns. He held a press conference for one of the attacks calling Burns a 6-state felon but offering no evidence to support his claims. After witnessing the event, none of the news stations that showed up chose to air the coverage. Several chose not to attend the event given the content of Fine’s past conferences.

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The attacks came on the heels of Fine losing by nearly 30 points in the official Republican Straw poll on July 3rd.

Several elected officials labeled his behavior as embarrassing and desperate.

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Fine has reportedly solicited several endorsements from local elected officials but was turned away. However, prior to being challenged by Adkins, he did receive the endorsement of Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey as the only republican candidate at the time.

Scott Ellis is well known and respected as a Republican leader throughout Brevard and been labeled as Mr. Integrity after turning down and reporting an attempted bribe from a debt collection agency bidding for a contract. He is also known for his fiscal conservative approach to governing with one of the most efficient budgets in the County.

Adkins response to the endorsement:

I am so honored and humbled to receive the endorsement and confidence of such an honorable republican leader in our community. Scott Ellis has committed his life to serving Brevard, and has done so with integrity and honor. He is an example of a true conservative who is fiscally responsible, and understands how every aspect of our local government works.

dr. Marcie Adkins

Since the straw poll, Adkins has been gaining tremendous support and momentum in spite of the constant attacks from Representative Fine. She has agreed to every forum and debate offered while Fine has stated he will attend none. Even backing out of the only one he did agree to with Palm Bay Live just hours before it’s scheduled time.

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