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Brevard doctor selling medical exemptions for masks at $50 per child

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Brevard County Dr. Kristin Wallace, PhD is a doctor of philosophy and psychology, national certified counselor, forensic mental health evaluator who is licensed to practice mental health counseling in the state of Florida. She has been in practice for 10 years, graduating from UCF in 2008. Brevard Public School just passed a temporary mask mandate for 30 days in all of its public schools allowing only for a medical exemption.

Dr. Kristin Wallace, PhD, LMHC, NCC, MFT, Counselor, Satellite Beach, FL,  32937 | Psychology Today
Dr. Kristin K. Wallace, PhD, LMHC-QCS, NCC, CFMHE, CCCE, MFT

A member from the activist group Moms for Liberty, Christina Bird shared on Facebook that Dr. Wallace is giving medical exemptions for the new Brevard school mask mandates at a fee of $50. She also provided the phone number, address, and email address to contact Dr. Wallace. Moms for Liberty which was co-founded by former Brevard District 3 School Board member Tina Descovich has been very vocal against mask mandates nationwide, and has been very critical of School Board member Jennifer Jenkins on her pushing for mask mandates. Jenkins defeated Descovich in the 2020 election.

We spoke with Dr. Wallace to confirm that she indeed was offering this service, and she confirmed that she is providing them for mental health purposes only, not medical purposes. She went on to explain that there are numerous mental health criteria she would consider to grant an exemption from her office. She was aware of the advertising of her services by Mrs. Bird and stated no objection to it.

In a text message she stated that she is conducting the appointments on a zoom call with both the parent and the child, but she could not guarantee a time being seen. She did confirm that her fee is $50 for the letter granting the exemption and is due at the time of service.

Dr. Wallace is the CEO of Complete Family Consultants, INC a nonprofit in Satellite Beach, FL.

Speaking with Dr. Wallace on the phone, it does not appear as if she is granting the exemptions without some kind of virtual evaluation, but we cannot speak to the diligence of the actual evaluation. We know of at least 4 students who provided letters to their school from her office prior to the publication of this article.

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A Florida ER doctor was fired after he offered to sell parents medical exemption letters to help them circumvent school mask mandates.

Brian Warden, who was an emergency room physician at Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee, posted online that he would pen the exemption letter for $50, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Whether or not he successfully sold any such letters is unclear.

“We act with absolute integrity in all that we do, and it is our expectation that providers behave in a way that is consistent with those values,” hospital spokeswoman Rachel Stiles told the Tallahassee Democrat. “Immediately upon learning of this physician’s actions, we began the process of removing him from providing services to our hospital patients.”

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