Viera Hawks new football coach Shane Staples has been fired following the hazing incident involving his players that has gone viral over the weekend. Shane was the assistant coach for Viera for the last 5 years.

Statement from BPS

In an interview this year with Viera Voice, Shane said “There’s no doubt I’m a players’ coach,” said Staples, who took over the program on March 11.

“I get along with them. I can joke with them. But I think that really boils down to the relationship (I have) with them. I have a good relationship with the kids. We can talk about anything. But at the same time, if I tell them, ‘Hey, it’s go time,’ they respect me.

“… The transition, as far as all that goes, has been pretty easy. I’ve always had a good connection with them. I think it’s trust. They trust that I’m going to do right by them. I trust that they’re going to listen and do right by me. As far as that goes, it’s been pretty good.”

Brevard Public Schools new superintendent Dr. Rendell is taking swift actions in response to the incident. In addition to the head coach being relieved of his duties, all football operations for Viera have been temporarily suspended.

Players will be receiving anti-hazing training this week.

“Right now, I’m familiar with all of these guys,” Staples said. “We get along. The key is having fun. If we’re not having fun, then it’s going to be miserable for everybody. We’ve got a good group coming back. The kids are familiar with them. They know what to expect.”

“I just want to do right by the kids,” Staples said. “I know that sounds kind of cliché. I think the one thing I’ve learned following Coach (Kevin) Mays and Coach Smith is that you can’t coach every group the same. They each take on their own identity and it’s kind of like, how do you get the best out of them and what does it take?

“I think this group is going to be exciting this year. I think, and I hope, that we surprise a bunch of people. You can kind of tell there’s a new buzz with them, a new excitement. You can tell in how hard they work.” 

Additionally, parents are upset about the initial email Viea’s principal sent out last night after we broke the story. They felt it was insensitive to the seriousness of the situation and was more concerned about the football victory than the incident.

School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins also released a statement this morning.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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