BREAKING: Health First Daycare Manager and Assistant Manager arrested in connection to last years death of 3 year old Jameson Nance


Today in a voicemail, Health First announced the arrest of the Manager of its Center for Child Development Jaymie Gaucher, and assistant manager Kristal Samuel in connection to the murder of 3 year old Jameson Nance. Jameson’s mother and boyfriend are both facing the death penalty for premeditated murder.

Listen to the voicemail here.

The Health First associates were both arrested on charges of Failure to Report Suspected Child Abuse. The complaint states that probable cause was established in evidence and sworn statements.

Profile photo of Jaymie Gaucher
Jaymie Guacher, former Manager at Health First Center for Child Development (LinkedIn photo) Mugshot is not yet available.

The state filed their intent to seek the death penalty for 27-year-old Erica Dotson and 25-year-old Joshua Manns for the death of 3-year-old Jameson Nance.

Kristal Samuel

Dotson and Manns were indicted by a grand jury on July 28 for charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child and child abuse of Jameson at their apartment in West Melbourne.

A medical examiner said the child suffered multiple injuries over a time that resulted in the 3-year-old’s death.

The police department determined Dotson and Manns physically abused the toddler, attempted to hide the abuse, then neglected to seek treatment for Jameson’s injuries.

Prosecutors described the toddler’s murder as “especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.”

The probable cause statement for the associates states that neither Gaucher nor Samuel made a report to DCF via the hotline based on their supposed cumulative concerns for Jameson in addition to the sever injury he came to the daycare with just days before his death. Teachers at the daycare reported numerous mysterious injuries to the managers.

The report says they saw it fit to photograph the sever egregious injuries when he was presented at the daycare, but never called to report the abuse to DCF nor forwarded the photographs to any other agency that could have intervened to save the child.



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