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Attorney says Donald Trump Will Be Jailed for Violating Gag Order

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On Monday, the ex-president utilized Truth Social to criticize several prominent individuals associated with his federal election interference case. This came after Judge Tanya Chutkan re-imposed a gag order, restricting his public statements regarding the case.

The gag order was reinstated due to concerns that he might influence witnesses or pose a threat to prosecutors with his public remarks. It prohibits him from making public comments against court officials, possible witnesses, or special counsel Jack Smith and his team.

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However, Trump publicly condemned both Smith, the case’s prosecutor, and Judge Chutkan. He described the D.C. judge as an “Obama-appointed… TRUE TRUMP HATER” and accused her of having a severe case of “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.” In a separate post, he also criticized his former attorney general and potential witness, William Barr, using several derogatory terms.

Reacting to his posts, ex-White House lawyer Ty Cobb commented on CNN that he foresees Trump facing jail time for breaching the order.

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Earlier in the month, Trump was penalized $10,000 for breaking a gag order related to his business civil fraud case by describing New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron as “very partisan.”

Regarding the recent comments in the federal case, Cobb emphasized the potential for more serious repercussions than just a fine, suggesting that Trump might face jail time.

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