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Defense Attorney Alton Edmond, a Democrat, has filed to run for Brevard County Sheriff marking the first time Sheriff Wayne Ivey has faced an opponent since being elected in 2012.

“Enough is enough,” Edmond said. “Accountability, civility, transparency and community policing should be the model for law enforcement, that’s why I’m running for Sheriff. More to come.”

Ivey has recently been under public scrutiny over his handling of the killing of combat Army Veteran Greg Edwards while in his custody. Ivey has refused to release the video for what he calls security reasons, even as public pressure escalates with the hashtag #releasethevideo. The sheriff’s claims of “security reasons” have raised questions from activists, as the same year the incident occurred, Ivey recorded and published a reality TV show displaying footage of the same facility.

Recent events and protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd have brought the 18-month-old incident back to light, as bipartisan voices are demanding the release of the video. Ivey also drew criticism from three local black leaders who say Ivey wrongly cited them to rationalize not releasing the recorded evidence.

Over the weekend, Ivey and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office have come under fire again when BCSO Lt. Robert Gamin posted inflammatory Facebook posts on the Brevard F.O.P. page and ran the posts as ads recruiting arrested and disciplined officers. Ivey said he is embarrassed over the incident but holds firm in that his agency recruits nothing but the best and brightest in the country and that his agency serves as a model for others to follow. He announced today he is conducting an internal investigation of the incident and reiterated that “we police our own.”

Ivey is currently trying to increase his authority by requesting to take over the Emergency Management operations of the county in addition to his other duties. Citizens from both parties have complained about Ivey’s lack of transparency when it comes to his budget and spending, especially after he requested additional funds over the legal cap the last budget cycle without releasing his budget to the public for view.

His new opponent, Edmond, is proposing to elevate transparency and accountability to put at rest the concerns of the tax payers.

According to his Marketplace webpage, Edmond was born on Aug. 5, 1989, and raised in Harlem, just outside of Clewiston, Florida. Brought up by a single mother on a fixed income pushed him to pursue academic excellence. 

Edmond graduated from Clewiston High School with honors in 2007 and went on to graduate from University of Florida in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in criminology and sociology, with a minor in education. He got his Juris Doctor degree from Florida A&M College in 2014.

Edmond with local Police Chiefs at community town hall he facilitated.

In 2014, his website said, Edmond took and passed the Florida Bar Exam, with which he achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a licensed attorney when he was cleared to practice law in December of 2014, at the age of 25.

Edmond is currently an attorney, college professor, community leader, and motivational speaker. He said he desires to continue sharpening his litigation skills while remaining committed to involvement in the community, through empowerment, music, and public speaking.

Ivey did not respond to a request for comment.


  1. I nearly forgot that Ivey would show up to speak for the extremist hate group FAIR in DC, yet couldn’t be bothered to show up to a small march in Brevard.

  2. Brevard County is a safe place to live thanks to Sheriff Wayne Ivey and his department. Looking over the articles on this Space Coast Rocket page, you are not leveling the playing field. Not one positive mention of all the good our Sheriff does for the people of Brevard County. During all the rioting, and thankfully peaceful demonstrations that followed I felt safe here in Brevard County and it is due to knowing Sheriff Ivey does his job exceeding well. My husband retired after 37 years in law enforcement, 15 of those years served here in Brevard Co. He has never met Sheriff Ivey personally but in following his work and what he has done for the people of Brevard Cunty he agrees with me, that Sheriff Ivey is an honorable man, honorable sheriff and he has an exceedingly knowledge of law enforcement. Sheriff Waye Ivey cares about the people in Brevard County. Space Coast Rocket Page, you need to be fair. Molly Carter Calhoun

    • He obviously doesn’t I’d you read the article I bet you felt safe at home? Did you even attend the march? He sure DIDNT in a time like this he should have to make EVERYONE feel safe

  3. There is ZERO chance of a liberal lawyer with ZERO Law Enforcement Experience being elected as Sheriff in Brevard … period …. let alone running against Ivey. One of the most popular Sheriffs in all of Florida.

  4. This is the best news. We absolutely need to replace Wayne Ivey #replacewayneivey , he is a bad cop and is wrong for Brevard County

  5. Anyone whose hero is Arizona sheriff Arpaio ( as Ivey stated at a community meeting he attended) is NOT someone I want to be running a law enforcement agency’

  6. How can a man run for sheriff to protect people but on the other hand as a Democrat believes in the killing of babies.

    • Democrats don’t believe in “killing babies” ?? All though Republicans do!! You are “pro birth” NOT pro life!! You people do not care, what happens to a baby after it’s born. Now that is EVIL ?

  7. Has my comment been deemed too offensive to display? It would be unfortunate, as it had no unsavory tone throughout, only facts. I hope all viewpoints, even, and arguably especially critical ones, can be appreciated and heard.

    • I retired from the Brevard County Sheriff’s .There is no way that someone that has no Law Enforcement experience is going to be elected, Sheriff Ivey you have my vote. And Trump is going to get re-elected over sleepy Joe . All you Democrat’s get out your crying towel

  8. Good Luck, Alton Edmond! I am 62 years old and have seen a lot of elected “Blue Line” law enforcement individuals through my history across four states. The man whom I had the most respect for the former was City Of Charleston Police Chief Ruben Greenberg 1982 2005 He roller-skated through the most crime-ridden areas of town and others regularly. Mantras, Break the law in Charleston you will be held accountable and there is no such thing as black on black crime! In those days 98% of all individuals regardless of color and no matter of calmed down and followed verbal directions when the revolving lights came on.

  9. Alton Edmond is a bigot who promotes racial division in Cocoa; he his a documented liar including filing a motion in the 18th Circuit Court in December 2019 where he flat out lied about being unable to comply with a court order while running around the state and out of state promoting himself.

    Edmond promotes black on white violence in his Facebook postings screen shot to preserve and even called on a local gang to attack citizens for calling out liars and voter fraud.

    Edmond is no community leader and his little group of bigots only care about themselves.

  10. It is unfortunate that negative comments are being generated about a fine upstanding citizen that has worked to make our community better for everyone. I am only interested in someone who is able to look past personal agenda to see and address the needs of the people. I want exposed the content of their character, spiritual and moral fortitude, as well as their plans to collaborate with other leaders to fortify a stronger cohesive community.
    May God direct your path Alton.

  11. If the people want to replace Ivey. Is there no one in Brevard county qualified to hold the position. Mr Edmond may be very educated and ambitious but that does not equate to practical law enforcement experience, not to mention managerial leadership experience. Good luck Brevard.

  12. I support Wayne Ivy. He has done good for this county. If you think these issues recently brought up is going to reverse all the good he has done then live in your bubble. Shame on you for judging him if that is all you have to bring to the table. No one is perfect!

  13. I am proposing Sheriff Ivey come debate challenger Alton Edmond, Esq. at Turkey Creek Villas or the the Peace Lutheran Church in Palm Bay at a time to be announced. Attorney Edmond has accepted the debate invite. Does Sheriff Ivey accept this invitation to publicly debate Mr. Edmond in Palm Bay before the November 2020 election?

  14. Does know what’s going on behind the bars at Sharpes? CDC guild lines were not being followed when it began back February. There has been inmates who have contracted COVID. They are inmates but they are still human and deserve health care.

  15. Went home-home this weekend – there were so many Ivey signs all around Brevard. I finally asked a family member if anyone was running against Ivey, and they said yes – but didnt know the person or their name.

    Case closed. I believe that would be a good sample survey prediction. Who wants a criminal defense lawyer guarding the hen house? I gather this lawyer wants the publicity and division more than any victory….


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