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2 teens shot and killed in “stolen” vehicle while driving towards Deputy

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Earlier we reported about 2 unarmed teens who were shot and killed by a Brevard County Sheriff Deputy in Cocoa.

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AJ Crooms, 16 was the driver in a reported stolen vehicle. A BCSO Deputy directed the vehicle to stop. Reportedly, Crooms drove the vehicle in the direction of the deputy. The deputy opened fire on the vehicle in fear of his life hitting Crooms 3 times.

18 year old Sincere Pierce, was in the back seat and was struck once. There was another passenger in the front passenger seat who was not shot in the incident.

Both teens died of their wounds.

“I saw bullet holes in a car window and I saw the guys on the ground,” said neighbor Leon Newsome, who said he witnessed the aftermath of the shooting. “When I got here, they were doing CPR on them.” 

 Quasheda Pierce, the mother of Sincere, reportedly recently told officials that she was afraid her son was going to die as a result of his criminal activity.

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Pierce currently has 3 pending investigations to include grand theft.

FDLE is investigating the incident.

This is a developing story.

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