While the Governor Urges People to Stay Home, Sheriff Ivey Creates Events to Go Out


Gov. Ron DeSantis said he is weighing his options, which could include an executive order requiring all Floridians to shelter-in-place and limit nonessential services. He has said to treat everyone as if they are positive.

Contrary to these statements, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced in a press conference today that he is creating 4 drive-thru parades encouraging people to get out of the house and have some fun.

During the same press conference he also announced the he has no interest in shutting down boat ramps. Over the weekend, several viral photos and videos were shared all over social media showing boats side by side, and parties on the water. Ivey says for the most party, people are obeying the rules.

The Governor is trying to “flatten the curve,” an expression meaning to slow the exponential spread of the virus. Since the majority of those infected show no signs of such, it is possible and very likely to be spreading the virus unknowingly every time you leave the house.

The Governor has also issued executive orders closing down restaurants, bars, and elective medical procedures.

Sheriff Ivey at a local church breakfast earlier this month. PHOTO from Facebook

Other County Sheriff’s have been releasing non-violent offenders from the jail population to reduce risk and spread within the close quarters of the jails. Several deputies and officers have tested positive throughout the state. Ivey says Brevard County will not be releasing any inmates whatsoever.

Ivey announced 4 separate parades in which he plans on displaying the assets and capabilities of his office and our first responders. He encourages everyone to leave their homes and drive through the displays. He is asking that no one leave their cars.

The press conference today was the first major press conference held by the Brevard County Sheriff’s office during the pandemic, and is another example of the conflicting information and directives being disseminated from the State and the County.


  1. I maybe wrong but Sheriff Ivey May just want to bring our communities together in a safe way yet demonstrate our commitment to each other. Should we not think of others as we think of ourselves in these trying times

    • There’s nothing safe about it. What’s safe is to stay home like we are being urged to do and stop the spread of this virus. This isn’t a time to go take kids to go look at police cars and fire trucks. This is idiotic and unnecessary risk. There are better things for our first responders to be doing during a state of emergency than handing out candy.

  2. At a time when armed officers are needed in the toilet paper aisle of grocery stores this seems a bit frivolous to me. Use these resources for their intended purpose: to protect and defend. If we as citizens can’t handle entertaining our children for a couple weeks then I worry for our future as a nation.

  3. I think Sheirff Ivey is awesome and the BCSO. Also Parades are great, this is just not a good idea…at this time since we are fixing to hit the virus peak.

  4. This is by FAR the dumbest shit I have ever seen in a LONG LONG time. Let’s not just do it in ONE place, let’s do it in FOUR!!!! Woohoooooo!!

  5. OMG! Beaches and boat ramps are open. Going to have some kind of parades. Talking about people having something to do! What about staying home? Unbelievable! Very irresponsible!

  6. Ok I’m with Sheriff Ivy on this. Kids, and parents are having cabin fever!!! I think this is great. If YOU STAY IN YOUR CARS!!!! YOU ARE STILL SELF QUARANTINED !!! they are just having something to do. Omg people really???? We have actually been going through this since last year. Do ur research. It’s now more in the open on the news. I myself are staying home ad much as I can as well. But people come on!!! Its just in your car!!!

  7. For those that are against this I think it’s a great idea I think you didn’t read the whole article completely and understand the parade is stationary and you drive through it. I think it’s genius and love what Sheriff Ivey does. This will be a great bonding experience for your family instead of stay home getting on each other’s nerves for two weeks get out break up the drudgery of doing the same thing over again day after day.


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