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Wendy’s Armed Robber arrested

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Robbery Suspect Arrested

On August 5, 2023, Daniel Jeconiah Gibbs walked into the Wendy’s, located at 135 Palm Bay Rd and approached the employee who was at the counter. Gibbs then displayed what the victim believed to be a firearm in his waistband and demanded cash from the register. The employee, who was frozen in fear, was physically unable to comply with Gibbs’ demands. Another employee, unaware of what was happening, approached the counter causing Gibbs to turn and walk out of the store. The employee then collapsed in the other employees’ arms. Later that day, Gibbs went to a bank in the City of Palm Bay and committed a second attempted robbery.

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Despite his attempt to conceal his identity by wearing a head covering and medical mask, West Melbourne Officers and Detectives have worked diligently to positively identify Gibbs. We also shared his identity with our local law enforcement partners so they could assist in locating him.

Earlier today, our partners with the BCSO Fugitive Unit located and took Gibbs into custody. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of a large sheathed knife. This is the weapon believed to have been in Gibbs’ waistband at the time of the robbery. Given the victim’s fear at the time of the robbery, the knife handle could have easily been mistaken for a firearm.

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Mr. Gibbs has the following criminal convictions and has served a four-year prison term with the Florida Department of Corrections:

Felony Battery

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Aggravated Assault Loitering or Prowling

Possession of a controlled substance with no prescription

Gibbs cooperated with investigators and was taken to the Brevard County Jail on $20,000 bond. The Palm Bay Police Department is also expected to have similar charges for Gibbs.

Lieutenant Graig Erenstoft

Office 321-723-9673


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