WATCH: Armed Florida Man in a devil’s mask, tackled by strip club security preventing mass shooting


In a statement, police say dozens of lives were saved when security guards at a strip club took down an armed man wearing a red devil mask who was trying to get in.

The Tampa Police Department said 44-year-old Michael Rudman arrived at the Mons Venus venue with a firearm in one hand and a flashlight in the other, wearing a devil mask with “Kill” and “Darkk One” written on his arms.

“Upon seeing the firearm, a security guard at the venue engaged the suspect and knocked the weapon out of his hand. During the incident, a single round from the suspect’s gun struck the front door of the venue,” Tampa police said.

“No one was injured inside the venue. One of the three security guards involved suffered minor injuries because of the altercation that ensued with Rudman,” police said.

When officers arrived at the scene they located additional ammunition, knives, and firearm accessories in Rudman’s truck. They also found two fully loaded magazines in his pocket, police said.

“There is no question that the security guards who disarmed this suspect saved dozens of lives,” Interim Police Chief Lee Bercaw said.

Police said Rudman’s motive was unknown, however they learned that Rudman had visited the establishment the night prior.


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