Waste Management truck explodes after picking up trash can in Cocoa


A home security camera at a residence off North Burnett Rd in Cocoa captured the moment a Waste Management garbage truck exploded after emptying a residential trash bin.

David Avila, the homeowner who captured the January 23rd footage, stated that the fire seems to have started when one of the mechanical arms ruptured a fuel tank that powers the truck. He says it ignited instantly.

The unidentified driver appeared to have gotten away without suffering any serious injuries, but did have singed hairs according to witnesses. He dropped his phone jumping out of the vehicle, so David was able to call 911 for him.

Video after initial explosion with driver in the front yard.

Mr. Avila states that the Fire Department is right around the corner and got there within seconds to extinguish the blaze.

A Waste Management company vehicle came and picked up the driver, and they towed the damaged truck away.

More information is pending.


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