A woman in Viera was walking her 3 year old black lab this morning near the Marisol Luxury apartments across from the Avenues.

That’s when she says a man who was waking his golden doodle was attempting to pass her from behind.

She says that as their dogs interacted, the man pulled a gun from his jeans, and threatened to shoot her dog. When the dogs, who were both on leashes were passing each other, they started jumping at each other as dogs commonly do.

“He was initially across the street so that he didn’t cross paths with me, but then when he got to the end of lake Andrews Boulevard, he crossed the street to come my way anyway, so it was it was just so dumb.”

“I don’t understand why he’s carrying a gun while walking his dog,” she said.

She reported the incident to the Brevard County Sheriff’s office.

She describes the unidentified man as a white male, about 5’8- 5’9 between the age of probably 20-30’s. He had a blue hat, blue shirt blue jeans with brown hair and facial hair. He came from the direction of the small dog park behind Marisol.

Governor DeSantis just passed a new law that allows all citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a permit as long as they are legally allowed to own a gun. The law goes into affect this July.



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