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Viera Football resumes competition after brief time-out

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Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rendell has made the decision to permit Viera High School Football to resume competition this week, with a game scheduled for this Friday against Satellite High.

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This choice follows a penalty imposed last week in response to the troubling hazing/assault incident that was captured on video within the football locker room. The team was penalized by missing two practices and one game.

According to Dr. Rendell, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its investigation into the incident, though it remains uncertain if any criminal charges have been filed or will be in the future.

In the previous week, Viera High School did not participate in their scheduled season opener against South Fork High. To avoid a forfeit, Viera entered into negotiations with South Fork and agreed to reimburse them for the equivalent of a full ticket receipt’s worth of lost sales due to the game cancellation. There is potential for the game to be rescheduled.

The community’s response to the punishment has been mixed, with many expressing dissatisfaction with its perceived inadequacy. School Board Chair Matt Susin appeared to prioritize the well-being of indirectly affected students over the victims of the incident itself.

During the recent school board meeting, the mother of one of the victims voiced her concerns, indicating that Susin’s actions did not align with her expectations. Additionally, there were reports of Susin providing guidance to cheerleaders and advising them on their statements for the school board meeting, while advocating for the swift return of the football team to competition.

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Notably, at the conclusion of the previous year, Susin garnered attention for a press conference held in front of the Brevard County Jail, during which he emphasized a commitment to stricter discipline and a zero-tolerance policy.

The current status of the former head coach, who was “relieved of his duties,” remains unclear. While he continues to teach in the classroom, information about his continued involvement with the football team and the identity of his replacement as head coach has not been disclosed.

Notably absent from the principal’s email below is the mention of the actual victims of this incident, and what is being done for them. Nor is there any mention of what measures have been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Just that, “it won’t be tolerated”….at least for one game….that we will make up later.

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