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Un-woke Randy Fine bashes people in D.C. for wearing masks outside during Code Purple Air Quality Alert from Canadian Wildfires

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Never to lose an opportunity to be condescending and blast the “woke” folk, State Representative Randy Fine went to his Twitter account to bash people walking around outside in Washington D.C. wearing masks.

Fine is so anti-woke that he must walk around with his eyes closed not to notice the dense smoke surrounding the entire north east. In fact, the air is so bad from the Canadian wild fires that D.C. is under a Code Purple Air Quality Alert, which recommends people do not even go outside. If they do go outside, they are recommended to wear an N-95 mask to protect themselves. This is the person who is the Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee making decisions about healthcare in Florida.

From the D.C. Mayor website: Smoke from Canadian wildfires is causing unhealthy air quality in the Washington, DC area and the northeast United States, and this problem is likely to continue or worsen through Friday. DC Health and DOEE recommend that residents pay attention to local air quality reports and the  US Air Quality Index at airnow.gov.

When the Air Quality Index is above 200 in your area (Code Purple or Maroon), all groups should stay indoors as much as possible. Those who must work outside should reduce work outside if possible, and if not, wear a mask (N95 or KN95 equivalent).

Most would think that someone like Fine who constantly states he “almost died from Covid” would be a little bit more concerned about breathing in smoke particles. The reason he’s not quite concerned is because he didn’t almost die from Covid. He got himself admitted to a hospital room where he live-streamed himself speaking for hours on end, not on a ventilator, not hooked up to any monitoring, not even on oxygen. He even posted a highly suspect x-ray supposedly of his lungs, but a nurse on his floor at the hospital he was at stated that it wasn’t one of their x-rays.

This was at the height of Covid deaths, and also at the height of his re-election campaign where he used the situation to grow his Facebook followers exponentially from the attention, and even ran illegal Facebook ads asking for more followers using Covid.

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A photo Randy shared from his Covid hospital bed “almost dying.”

Facts have never been a thing to get in Randy’s way when it comes to spewing hate and vitriol, and he’ll say just about anything to draw attention to his small Twitter account. He did get some attention, but probably not quite what he was looking for.

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