The Lannon Letter – Sheriff Ivey Leaking Info, David Isnardi Controls Randy Fine, and More Allegations


Referenced several times throughout the FBI/FDLE Investigative report is a 22 page document written by former Palm Bay City Attorney Andrew Lannon. This letter goes into great detail about how we got to where we are with the David Isnardi case and Palm Bay Politics from Lannon’s perspective.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Tres Holton

Lannon name drops quite a few elected officials and government employees. This letter was written over a year ago, and many wrote his claims off as not plausible. However, since then many of the things that Lannon mentions have indeed turned out to be true in hindsight.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Randy Fine during campaign.

Again, this letter should not be taken as pure fact, but is the statement and opinions of one witness of the investigation. We are publishing it in full.


David Isnardi, Kristine Isnardi, Monique Miller (Wife of Greg Lynk) Randy Fine


  1. I have no sympathy for Lannon who actually teaches others how to avoid ethics violations? He should have immediately reported these violations of the law as they happened. I understand he was intimidated by Isnardi, but Godamnit man, where were your balls when we needed them, not to mention your oaths as a court officer? I do however begrudgingly believe these accounts, as they fit the timelines we have all come to know. If he had used the moral compass be so glowingly referred to in the beginning of this missive, it would have saved all of us alot of trouble. Now he wants to sue the city for the actions of the cabal he was seemingly a part of? Well that’s rich.


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