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State Rep Fine tweets “Thank you for the pic!” of a dead Palestinian baby crushed by rubble; admits his hatred

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On Florida State Representative Randy Fine’s Twitter account (@voterandyfine), he was asked how he sleeps at night for supporting the killing on innocent (Palastinian) babies.

He responded to the poster with “Quite well actually! Thank you for the pic!”

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The tweet featured a photo of a Palestinian infant who had been crushed from the rubble of a destroyed building apparently by rocket fire.

Voters in his district were outraged by the tweet which spread quickly on social media. One poster accused Randy of being full of hatred. His response was “You got me there…”

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His comment’s were under a Facebook post on his official page where he posted a highly edited propaganda video of a peaceful protest he claimed was violent.

He did the same thing last month with a peaceful protest held in Melbourne on May 21st which was attended by religious leaders of many faiths calling for peace, and an end to the violence. Many posted comments who attended the event refuting Fine’s claims and alleging he was trying to insight violence and hate himself against the attendees.

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These are just the latest of a slew of social media posts of Fine calling for violence and the destruction of the Palestinian people commonly ending his posts with the hashtags #bombsaway and #blowthemup.

Fine has been desperately trying to build his following on Twitter with “shock” posts, and engaging in fights with other higher profile elected officials. He does this while at the same time complaining about what he calls the censorship of conservatives on Facebook and Twitter, although none of his posts have ever been removed.

He also sends personal messages to individuals telling them to blow themselves up as well.

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