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Sheriff’s Office writes 53 tickets in one day for failing to move over; cracking down

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There are no excuses that warrant putting other’s lives and your own at risk, especially when risking someone’s life could easily be avoided by moving over or slowing down as Florida’s “Move Over” law directs!! Unfortunately though, we see violators of this law every day and enough is enough!!

This past week while I was personally conducting a traffic stop on I-95, I was in complete disbelief by the amount of vehicles flying by, not one, not two, but four marked law enforcement vehicles with their blue lights on, in violation of Florida’s “Move Over” law!! Folks, there is absolutely no excuse for violating this law that has been in place for years!! It’s very simple…if you cannot move over, you can slow down to allow for the safety of everyone on the side of the road and yourself!!

So in response to those that just simply can’t seem to obey the “Move Over” law, yesterday myself and our Motor Unit were out on I-95 handing out little reminders that cost $139.00 each!!

In just one day, we wrote 53 tickets for violations of this law, and one person even took the ride to “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” after he failed to move over and it was determined that he has been in our country for three years and has never had a Driver’s License!!

So starting today, I am going to highly recommend that everyone brushes up on their driving laws if they plan on getting behind the wheel of a car in Brevard County as Florida’s “Move Over” law is designed to save the lives of our first responders, tow truck drivers, road rangers, sanitation trucks, utility workers, and everyone in our community…even YOU!!

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For the sake of everyone…please “Move Over” and help save lives!!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey

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