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Sheriff Ivey backs out of 3 debates against challenger Alton Edmond; wanted censored questions

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Sheriff Wayne Ivey (Republican) has now backed out of 3 major debates against his Democratic challenger Alton Edmond.

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The two were scheduled to debate on October 6th in a forum hosted by the Brevard Association of Women Lawyers. Ivey’s campaign wanted assurances from the group that they would not ask him questions about the now infamous death of combat Army Veteran Gregory Edwards.

The case is arguably the biggest issue of the election, with voters on both sides not happy with how Ivey has handled the situation, and refusing to release the video footage of the altercation in the jail that lead to his death, nor parts of his remains to the family.

Not agreeable to these terms, Ivey backed out of the debate.

Just days later, Ivey declined to participate in another forum hosted by the Space Coast Black Chamber of Commerce. Ivey’s campaign cited a scheduling conflict for declining the invitation.

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The most high profile debate Ivey has backed out of, is the debate hosted by Florida Today. That debate is scheduled for Thursday, October 8th at 7pm. Although Sheriff Ivey has chosen not to attend, Florida Today will still hold the event with only Alton Edmond present to field the questions from the moderators and the voters.

Ivey’s campaign stated he will not participate in any forum with Florida Today, because he does not consider them to be a legitimate news source.

Attorney Alton Edmond Democratic candidate for Brevard County Sheriff

Ivey is running for his 3rd four year term as Brevard County Sheriff, and this is the first time he’s ever faced an opponent. This year, he is the only constitutional officer of the 5 (Clerk of Courts, Tax Collector, Supervisor of Elections, Property Appraiser, and Sheriff) to actually have an opponent. The other 4 were all elected and re-elected unopposed. The newly elected Clerk of Courts Racheal Sadoff faced an opponent who eventually never qualified.

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