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Sheriff Deputies and Citizens Rescue Child from Locked Car at Viera Walmart

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Earlier today several of our Deputies and Walmart Team Members came to the rescue of a young mom after her child got accidentally locked in the car in the Walmart Parking Lot in Viera.

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Deputies responded to the scene after receiving a call regarding a frantic mother, whose 11 month old child got locked inside her vehicle as she was trying to get the 11 month old out of his child safety seat!! With one child already out of the car the second child accidentally locked the car doors with the keys inside and the vehicle not running!!

Mom immediately started yelling for help and that’s when Agent Miguel Melendez, Deputy Joe Barrera, Deputy Aubrey Trull, and three Walmart employees, all responded to the scene and immediately went to work, as the warm Florida weather heats up the inside of a car very quickly and the baby was already starting to sweat and was crying!!

Agent Melendez and Walmart team member Robert Christian broke out the front window of the vehicle, unlocked the doors, and got the baby out of the car and safely into mom’s arms!!

I always say that it takes a community to protect a community, and this incident is a perfect example of just how true that statement is!!

Please join me in thanking our Deputies and the Walmart Team Members for their quick thinking and action to keep this little baby safe!!

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Sheriff Wayne Ivey

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