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“Senior Assassins Game” sparks response from law enforcement – could turn deadly

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A popular game played by students nationwide, known as the “Senior Assassins” has prompted local law enforcement to issue public notices about the game.

The game involves forming teams for a “tournament-style competition” in which students eliminate competitors by “tagging” them with water guns. The rules of the game, however, vary by location. Many of the guns being used look exactly like real semi-automatic handguns like Glocks.

In another location, a group of high school students from another suburb entered a restaurant wearing ski masks and holding water guns that police said resembled firearms.

“They were targeting other students who were dining in the restaurant and attempting to spray them with water,” police said in an alert. “An adult, who was a concealed carry holder, in the restaurant mistook the situation for a genuine threat, and the situation could have escalated quickly. The gravity of the situation cannot be emphasized enough; it had the potential to lead to serious consequences.”

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