The Honorable Wayne Culver went viral last week after a court video went public of him calling a defendant a “fucking asshole” after threatening him with contempt of court for not “shutting up.”

The incident was reported to the 18th Circuit’s Chief Judge and the matter was referred to Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission which is responsible for discipline of judges.

Judge Culver sent an email to his colleagues apologizing for his behavior.


  1. He only appologized after a public rebuke. A judge must always set the standard for patience and control. When he or she fails to do that, they should be removed from the bench immediately!!!!

    If anyone ever spoke to me in that manner, they would only receive a punch in the mouth. There are some that would respond in a far, far worse way. Our society is already sitting on the edge of a cliff. This judge may be just the person to push it off that edge, and we can’t have that.


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