Brevard County attorney Jessica Travis who is representing Brevard School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins issued the following press release today after filing a public records lawsuit against School Board Chair Matt Susin.

It is the latest in a series of unforced mis-steps by Susin since taking over as School Board Chair.


Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County School Board member, has filed a public records lawsuit against the Brevard County School Board and Board Chairman Matt Susin for unlawfully withholding phone records.  The Complaint is attached and speaks for itself.  The lawsuit came after repeated attempts by Ms. Jenkins to obtain the records through district public records procedures and during board meeting discussions.

Ms. Jenkins brought this lawsuit because:

“Florida public records laws exist to ensure a foundation of accessible transparency in our government. The public has a right to examine elected officials and hold them accountable. Not only should these records be obtainable to all members of the public, but should be so without the financial barrier and threat of litigation.”

Other than the above statement, Ms. Jenkins will not directly address the lawsuit while it is pending.  Questions and inquiries can be sent my direction.

I am honored to represent Ms. Jenkins in her fight for transparency and accountability in Brevard County, Florida.

Jessica J. TravisAttorney         

 Ph:  321-728-7280 /


You can view the complaint below.



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