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Sarasota County school board votes to call for Bridget Ziegler’s resignation

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In Sarasota, Florida, the Sarasota County School Board voted 4-1 in favor of a resolution urging board member Bridget Ziegler and Moms for Liberty co-founder to resign. Ziegler herself cast the sole vote against this resolution. “For me, as chair of the school board, it’s not about the left, it’s not about the right — it’s about students,” said board chair Karen Rose, who introduced the resolution condemning Bridget Ziegler.

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The board’s legal counsel clarified that the board lacks the authority to directly remove Ziegler, but can only request her resignation. This action follows an inquiry involving her husband, Christian Ziegler, the Chair of the Florida GOP, who faces allegations of raping a woman. Although Christian Ziegler has not been formally charged and refutes these allegations, he has acknowledged engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with the accuser. Notably, a police search warrant revealed that both the accuser and Bridget Ziegler had admitted to being part of this sexual relationship before the incident under investigation.

“I am disappointed. I serve on another public board and this issue did not come up and we were able to forge ahead with business of the board,” Bridget Ziegler said at the meeting, referencing her position on the board that manages Walt Disney Co.’s special land district.

The situation has sparked widespread discussion, with board member Tom Edwards expressing concern that the ongoing controversy is diverting the board’s focus from educational matters to internal drama. Despite Bridget Ziegler not being implicated in any criminal activity, her colleagues on the board consider her presence a significant and irreparable distraction.

“My position has been regarding this topic that it is the distraction de jure in a long list of distractions that has kept the board drama-focused, instead of student-centric focused,” board member Tom Edwards said.

Criticism of Bridget Ziegler extends beyond the boardroom. Activists and community members have accused her of hypocrisy, particularly in light of her opposition to LGBTQ issues. Lisa Schurr, co-founder of Support Our Schools, highlighted Ziegler’s past criticisms of the LGBTQ community, contrasting them with her personal life choices.

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“There’s the hypocrisy that she has done nothing but attack the LGBTQ population for the last three years or more while herself, you know, living an alternative lifestyle,” said Lisa Schurr.

This sentiment was echoed by others who view her actions as contradictory to her public stance, undermining her credibility in a public office.

The controversy also envelops Christian Ziegler, who faces growing calls to resign from his position as chairman of Florida’s Republican Party. High-profile figures, including Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott, have joined these calls. The state’s Republican Party is scheduled to meet this weekend to discuss potential disciplinary actions or removal.

Despite the pressure, Christian Ziegler has indicated no intention of resigning.

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