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Rockledge Police solve Feb. murder of Israel Loredo at Hammock Harbor Apartments

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The Rockledge Police Department has arrested Vahreion Thequanzo Kirkman for the murder of Israel Ramos Loredo, a 21-year-old Hispanic male, and attempted robbery with a firearm. The arrest comes after a comprehensive investigation involving witness statements, surveillance footage, forensic evidence, and detailed police work.

The Incident: On February 18, 2024, at approximately 19:14 hours, officers responded to a severe car crash at the Hammock Harbor Apartment Complex in Rockledge, Florida. Upon arrival, they found a black 2006 GMC Yukon SUV that had collided with a concrete light pole. Inside the vehicle was Israel Loredo, who had suffered a gunshot wound to his left temple.

Initial Investigation: Brevard County Fire Rescue and the Rockledge Fire Department arrived at the scene, where they discovered Loredo had a single gunshot wound. A Glock handgun was found in his front right pocket. Despite efforts to save him, Loredo succumbed to his injuries at Rockledge Regional Medical Center.

Evidence Collection: Lieutenant Richard Harris expanded the crime scene and found a single 9mm casing in front of building 1350. The victim’s cellphone was also recovered, revealing that the phone had received several messages on Snapchat indicating a drug transaction involving THC vape cartridges.

Key Developments:

  • February 22, 2024: A Crime Line tip named Keonte Swann as the shooter. The tipster mentioned Keonte is a 9th grader at Rockledge High School and included an Instagram post offering a gun for free.
  • February 23, 2024: Interviews with Lionel Torres, a friend of Keonte, confirmed Keonte’s involvement. Keonte, however, denied the accusations and claimed multiple people had access to his Instagram account.

Witness Statements:

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  • Davarian Hamilton: Identified Vahreion Kirkman, known as “V,” and Franklin Thomas, known as “Frank,” as accomplices. He described the planning and execution of the robbery and shooting, stating Kirkman pulled the gun on the victim during the robbery.
  • Emarie Vincent: Confirmed transporting the suspects before and after the crime. She provided critical information that matched surveillance footage and cell phone data.
  • Keavion Brown (Cricket): Overheard conversations at his residence about the shooting, adding to the body of evidence against Kirkman and his associates.

Forensic Evidence: A fingerprint analysis matched Vahreion Kirkman’s print to one found on fake money in the victim’s vehicle. This piece of evidence was crucial in corroborating the statements made by witnesses.

Based on the collected evidence, statements, and forensic analysis, the Rockledge Police Department determined that Vahreion Kirkman, along with Davarian Hamilton and Franklin Thomas, planned and executed the robbery that led to the murder of Israel Loredo. Investigator Mitchell Cook’s detailed affidavit and subsequent arrest warrant for Kirkman were supported by substantial evidence.

This arrest marks the resolution of a previously unsolved murder, bringing closure to the victim’s family and demonstrating the effectiveness of thorough police work and community cooperation. The Rockledge Police Department’s diligent efforts have ensured that those responsible for this heinous crime are brought to justice.


This article was written with the assistance of AI.

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