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Road rage leads to truck crashing into home

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According to witnesses, a white truck and SUV got into a road rage incident starting at Eau Gallie and US1.

Caleb Dean says he was headed south on US1, and could see both vehicles coming up behind him at a high rate of speed, cutting in front of cars in order to keep up with each other.

The crash occurred on US1 near Sarno Rd.

He says that the white Toyota Tacoma began tailgating the SUV, and kept trying to get around him, but the SUV would counter to stop him from doing so.

“Then when white truck tried to get around the blocking SUV he lost control and went across us1 into on coming traffic, and eventually into the house. Fortunately was a break in traffic when he went across us1. Otherwise it would been a bad head on crash as he was going pretty fast. I was doing about 45-50 and they flew by me,” Caleb said.

The truck struck a light pole before eventually crashing into the home. FPL had to come cut the power line to the house after the accident.

“He was able to climb out window and was shaken up and I think had couple bumps and scrapes but nothing significant,” Caleb said of the truck driver.

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The SUV continued down US1 and did not stop. The home owner was home at the time, and not injured.

Home owner pictured in red shorts.

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