Representative Sabatini files bill to rid requirement of a concealed carry license


Representative Anthony Sabatini (District 32) filed House Bill 123 which would allow the carry of firearms without a concealed carry license. It also seeks to limit areas where a concealed carrying of firearm is prohibited.

It reduces the penalty for carrying a concealed area into a prohibited area from a felony to a misdemeanor. It allows non-residents of Florida to carry a concealed firearm without a license and recognizes all out-of-state concealed carry licenses.

It also provides for issuance of concealed carry licenses for reciprocity purposes; specifies that person not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing firearm may own, possess, and lawfully use firearms and other weapons, ammunition, and supplies for lawful purposes.

The full bill can be read here.

Sabatini has been a staunch advocate for the 2nd Amendment during his tenure in the legislature. He has also been in the forefront of pushing and defending conservative policies in a bold and unwavering way.


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