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Randy Fine’s wife voted today, but not for him

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In a Facebook post this morning, State Representative Randy Fine shared a selfie of his wife Wendy after she stated she voted this morning during early voting.

Day 2 of Early Voting and Wendy just voted! (I’m on my final day of quarantine.) I appreciate everyone getting out…

Posted by State Representative Randy Fine on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Fine and his wife live in a mansion on the beach in Melbourne Beach. The problem is that their residence is not located within the limits of the district Randy represents; district 53. Their residence is actually located in district 52 where Thad Altman is the current State Representative. According to her voter registration card as of this morning, that is the district she is registered to vote in. Therefore, her ballot would not contain the actual race her husband is running in for the republican primary against Dr. Marcie Adkins.

Wendy Fine’s voter profile showing she’s registered to vote in House District 52.

Ironically, one of Fine’s Facebook followers in jest stated “I wonder who she voted for” Fine laughed at the comment.

It is a requirement of Florida law that representatives live in the district they are voted to represent. Several complaints have been filed against Fine for violating this law which disqualifies him from his office, however House leadership has declined to hold him accountable. Below is a letter to one such complaint from the chair of the Florida House Public Integrity and Ethics Chair.

Fine has since rented an empty condo where he is registered to vote within his district, but he does not live there. This action brings into question the legality of his voter registration which Florida law states that you must vote where you live. The act of voting outside of where you live is a crime and falls under voter fraud.

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Deed showing the sale of Randy’s empty lot where he claimed residency during the last term.

Several months ago, a citizen placed the sign of his opponent in the yard of the condo Fine claims to live at as opposed to his mansion on the beach. A facebook post claimed that the sign sat in the yard for 2 weeks before being removed and posted a photo of it, thanking Fine for supporting his own opponent. Upon learning of the post, Fine filed a police report claiming his home was trespassed and burglarized.

The condo Fine claims to live at and claims to be his permanent residence.

Both Randy and his wife recently tested positive for Covid-19 according to Randy.

Fine’s actual residence on the beach where his wife is registered to vote. Fine claims not to live here even though every daily video he does on his Facebook shows him inside this home.

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