Parrish Medical Center CEO blasts Brevard School Board Member Matt Susin for misrepresenting their data


Parrish Medical Center CEO George Mikitarian posted a scathing official statement on Facebook in response to Brevard Public School Board Member Matt Susin misrepresenting data published by the hospital at the emergency school board meeting yesterday. Susin presented the data in an attempt to justify his position in opposition of wearing masks in school by children.

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This isn’t the first time Matt Susin had to be corrected by healthcare professionals for stating inaccurate information during school board meetings for drawing incorrect conclusions from information he doesn’t understand, and then presenting it as evidence to support his positions.

Brevard County School Board member Jennifer Jenkins did a quick fact check at a previous meeting correcting a viral conspiracy based on a CDC lab alert.

As WMFE’s Joe Byrnes reports, the controversy arose as the board questioned Health Department staff over Covid trends and mitigation.

Board member Matt Susin brought up the CDC notice.

“The CDC division of laboratory services sent out a memo saying that lab PCR tests couldn’t test the difference between Covid and influenza,” Susin said.

But that’s not what it says.

Board member Jennifer Jenkins did a Google search and found that out.

And, She clarified it with the health officials in attendance.

“It sounded as if there was an issue with the PCR test that would have false positives for Covid because they might have been influenza. So my question to the DOH is: Is that what that memo is telling us?” she asked.

“No,” they responded.

“Thank you,” she said.

So there you have it.


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