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Paramedic’s license suspended after sexually assaulting sedated patient in back of ambulance – admits to prior behaviors

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The Florida Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension of certificates for 25 year old Angelo Simone of Palm Bay, a paramedic and emergency medical technician (EMT), amid serious allegations of sexual misconduct during patient transport. This decision, led by State Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, came after detailed investigations into Simone’s actions, which reportedly occurred on January 3, 2024.

According to official documents, Simone was dispatched to assist in the transport of Patient L.E. who was suffering from chronic internal bleeding from a kidney issue, from Rockledge Regional Medical Center to Advent Health Orlando. During the transport, it is alleged that Simone, who was alone with the patient in the ambulance, unfastened the safety straps and engaged in inappropriate behavior, including placing his mouth on the patient’s breasts.

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The patient, under the influence of Dilaudid—a potent pain medication known for causing drowsiness and fatigue—was reportedly not in a state to consent or resist Simone’s advances. Despite this, Simone texted an apology to Patient L.E. following the incident, suggesting an awareness of the inappropriateness of his actions. He admitted to investigators that he had given another patient a “breast massage” while placing monitoring leads on her.

The Department of Health’s findings were clear in condemning Simone’s actions, stating that he “willfully abused his position as an emergency medical technician and paramedic by sexually violating a patient.” This behavior was deemed an immediate and serious danger to public health, safety, and welfare, prompting the suspension of his certification to ensure he could no longer practice.

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Simone’s conduct not only breached professional standards but also violated several sections of the Florida Statutes governing the behavior of healthcare professionals. His actions highlighted a significant disregard for the laws and rules that protect patients during their most vulnerable moments.

According to public records, it does not appear that Simone has been charged criminally for his admitted actions. The Florida Department of Health has affirmed that nothing less than the immediate suspension of Simone’s certificate was necessary to protect the public and maintain the integrity of emergency medical services.

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Simone has been provided with the right to seek judicial review of the suspension, according to the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure.


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