Palm Bay Issues State of Local Emergency Declaration


“Honorable Mayor and Members of City Council,

A State of Emergency has been certified by the City Manager. The Mayor will be executing the Declaration shortly and it will be distributed accordingly.

Due to a few time sensitive issues that require Council action (biosolids and BCRA report), the City Manager would prefer to move forward with tonight’s meeting. Otherwise, a special meeting will be needed by the end of the month. 

The plan is to keep the meeting as short as possible – the proclamation and presentation have been withdrawn. Council would consider the two public hearings (both final reading) and the appointment to the Pension Board. All other items are under consent. If any items under consent are pulled, then those items would immediately be tabled to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, with the exception of the sensitive items mentioned earlier [at discretion of city council].

Should you have any questions, please contact Lisa or myself. See you this evening!

Terese [Palm Bay City Clerk]”


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