From the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board

Republican voters missed a rare opportunity in the primary. Retired Air Force aviator Scott Caine was a fresh, conservative face on the scene. Less doctrinaire than Posey, and a lot more eager.

But Posey won, and is sitting pretty with a massive GOP registration lead on the Space Coast. We would like to have asked Posey about what he’s done these past five terms, and why he deserves a sixth term, but he refused to be interviewed, just as he did in the primary.

His opponent deserves a look.

Jim Kennedy is pro-Second Amendment Democrat with moderate positions and detailed knowledge of issues. He’s an aerospace engineer, so he could probably handle whatever learning curve there is in Congress. And he cares about the very real problems his constituents face.

After five terms of Bill Posey, District 8 needs the breath of political fresh air Kennedy would bring.

The full article can be read here.


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