On Wednesday, Judge Paulk will issue his order on the eviction action filed by Parrish against OMNI. OMNI built this facility in 2016, and has operated it since it opened in 2017.

If Judge Paulk orders  to evict OMNI from its cancer center in retaliation for complaints OMNI made against Parrish for money laundering, violations of the False Claims Act, mis-use of public funds, misuse of Cares Act Funds provided by Brevard County and conducting for profit businesses outside of their tax district in violation of its enabling legislation,  many patients receiving cancer treatment in Titusville will have to travel as far as 50 miles for treatment.  Currently, OMNI the only group administering radiation therapy in North Brevard.  The patients in North Brevard are mostly seniors with limited financial means. This will obviously be a hardship for patients and their families.

In the meantime, at George Mikitarian’s deposition this past Thursday, he took ownership for all of the retaliatory actions he has lodged against Craig Deligdish, MD and OMNI, including using public funds to hire numerous attorneys to terminate Dr. Deligdish’s medical staff privileges, file a complaint with the Department of Health in an effort to have Deligdish’s medical license revoked and preventing five board certified oncologists from applying for medical staff privileges at a public hospital that has a defined medical need in an underserved community. Mikitarian also admitted to using public funds to cause the termination of Deligdish’s faculty appointment at the University of Central Florida School of Medicine. Mikitarian, also admitted to communicating frequently (by text, phone and email) with David Bender, who has admitted to law enforcement, to stealing Deligdishs identity (which is a felony under the Florida statutes) and posting the deligdishwatch website. Mikitarian stated unequivocally that he is 100% for all decisions at Parrish, needs no one elses’s approval and approves all expenditures in excess of $8,500 at Parrish.

Last week, OMNI filed a defamation case against Parrish. (the link is below) The Titusville Police Department has already recommended that Bender by charged with a felony for identity theft.

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01/24/2023 05:45:07 PM ET


Adam Bird 321-327-5580


Eighteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Brevard County, Florida

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