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New Melbourne Fairgrounds could save Renaissance fair, move affordable housing project

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Brevard acoustic Commissioner John Tobia has been brokering a deal with the city of Melbourne that could potentially solve two problems.

Commissioner John Tobia

The proposal is for property owned by the county to be transferred to Melbourne located off of Sarno Rd. The over 50 acres of property could potentially be used as a new location for the live local affordable housing project, a fire training facility, and a new fair grounds.

American Muscle Car Museum owner and philanthropist Mark Pieloch protested the original location of the housing project which would be on a property close to his museum which is closed to the public. In an attempt to stop the development, he offered to purchase the land and stated Melbourne was in more need for a dog park over affordable housing. Pieloch was visibly upset and made disparaging comments about Daily Bread, the homeless population and others during his public comment at the last city council meeting. Only one council member voted in support of his proposal.

American Muscle Car museum owner Mark Pieloch protesting housing project at Melbourne City Council

The Renaissance fair has been a major point of contention after the county changed the rules on events held at Wickham Park which essentially eliminated the possibility of continuing to have the well attended fair there due to new time limits for events.

Fair patrons have unsuccessfully attempted to have to new rules overturned effectively eliminating g the event as there is no other location available that has the land needed for the event. Should the deal go through between the two governing bodies, that could change.

Earlier this year, Commissioner Tobia attempted to turn over Wickham Park to the city of Melbourne but did not get the support of the rest of the commission to do so.

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Potential new location

Mayor Alfrey posted the following in his Facebook page today:

New Melbourne Fairgrounds pass first hurdle – THANK YOU BREVARD COUNTY COMMISSION!

I have been working to solve several issues in the city of Melbourne which includes obtaining a large festival venue area that can bring music festivals locally and keep other festivals like the Brevard Renaissance Fair, right here in Melbourne!

Working independently with Brevard Commissioner John Tobias and Rob Feltner, Melbourne can potentially obtain 53 acres of property for this in north Melbourne. This was discussed and approved by the County Commission this morning in a 4-1 vote.

I will provide more details at tonight’s Melbourne Council meeting.

Again thank you Brevard County Commissioners who approved this as this i believe would benefit all of Brevard County!

More to come!

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