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Murdered trans-woman’s body found in The Compound

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UPDATE: The victim is identified as 30-year-old Nicholas Mitchell. The car belonging to the victim was located in Alabama after a high-speed chase. The driver, Robert Paul Lanning III, and passenger Rene Lemos (his girl friend) were arrested and confessed to meeting Mitchell on August 30, driving to the compound where the murder took place and leaving the body. Autopsy reports show that the victim was shot multiple times.

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An unidentified trans-woman’s body was found in an area of Palm Bay known as ‘The Compound.’ The undeveloped area has been a hot spot for homicides in Palm Bay. It is also where citizens frequent for off-road recreational activities.

An anonymous source with knowledge of the incident states the woman had been reported missing for weeks. Her car was pulled over in another state and the occupants reportedly confessed to the murder and the location of the body.

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This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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