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Moms for Liberty Speaker calls for public execution of President Biden

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Moms for Liberty member and featured speaker Kaylee Campbell Layton has become a recent viral virus. Her bio says she’s located in “rent free” and is “Governments biggest fear.”

Her husband, Ryan Layton is a United States Marine. They are recently married, and live on base at 29 Palms in California. Although she’s new to the military life, most people understand it’s usually not a wise career move to threaten your spouse’s boss, especially when that boss is the Commander in Chief, aka the President of the United States. But that’s exactly what this Joyful Warrior did.

Kaylee has now disabled most of her social media accounts, and made her Facebook completely private. She went viral on her disabled or deleted TikTok when she made a video about Target carrying Pride clothing.

She made the false claim that Target was selling ‘Tuck-Friendly’ Bathing Suits for Kids.’ The claims were widely debunked by Target, the Associated Press, and Snopes.com

Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice also shared the false information when she tweeted “One of the nurses at my kid’s pediatrician said she ordered a bathing suit for her 15mth old and it had a tuck friendly tag!”

Kaylee’s Discord account however is still very active, where she has spent the day calling individuals “fags,” retards, libs, and just about any other offensive epithet you can think of, while claiming being able to use the n-word is “equal rights.”

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She also downplayed her threat to President Biden by saying the military has more important things to worry about than her, because she’s only 5ft tall.

Kaylee shares a lot in common with State Mis-Representative Randy Fine. Scrolling through each of their social media accounts, you will find much of the same content. Fine also shared the same false Target information, commonly uses racial and other derogatory terms, and also went viral for an implied threat against President Biden.

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