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Moms for Liberty Riley Gaines “hostage for ransom, assault claims” unfounded by police

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The San Fransisco State University Police Department suspended its investigation into Mons for Liberty and women’s sports activist, former college swimmerRiley Gaines’ hostage incident and assault last year, saying the alleged charges are “unfounded.”

Gaines is the director of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, the same organization Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler was forced to resign from when her LGBTQ extramarital sexual relationships came out during a rape investigation of her husband.

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Gaines reported that after speaking at San Francisco State University in April 2023, detailing her senior year college experience competing against Lia Thomas, a male swimmer, where both tied for fifth in a national championship, she was assaulted and kidnapped for ransom.

After her speech, Gaines claims she encountered aggressive demonstrators who reportedly invaded the space, dimmed the lights, charged at her podium, and physically attacked her before taking her captive.

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Gains told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that she followed up with the San Fransisco State University Police Department last month on its investigation into the incident “where I was held hostage.”

“Can you please let me know if you have completed your investigation?” She wrote in an email reviewed by Fox News Digital.  “I wondered if you can share with me any conclusions you have reached regarding your investigation and whether any charges will be filed against the individuals who sought to threaten, intimidate and harm me? Is there a timetable concerning this matter? Is there any additional information you need from me?”

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In an email dated Feb. 2, an officer replied: “After a thorough investigation, the alleged charges in this case are unfounded and have been suspended pending further lead.”

The officer said the department sent emails to Gaines in June and July of last year “for a case follow up,” which they claim “went unanswered.” 

Gaines told Fox News Digital that the emails the campus police sent to her in June and July were requests to meet again, and to share her story “again.”

“I just wasn’t willing to do that,” Gaines said, telling Fox News Digital that she was advised against it. Gaines said advisors told her she had already given a statement and didn’t need to do so again.

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