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Moms for Liberty leader pleads guilty to raping minor child

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Moms for Liberty, a conservative group advocating parental rights in the United States, focuses on eliminating LGBTQ-related topics in public schools, partly due to beliefs about “grooming” children. However, recent reports by The Philadelphia Inquirer highlight internal concerns: Phillip Fisher Jr., a key figure in the group’s Philadelphia chapter, is a registered sex offender.

In 2012, Fisher, then 25, was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy. He pled guilty to having anal and oral sex with the child but later described his conviction as a “railroad job” related to political conflicts with Lyndon LaRouche, a former presidential candidate whose organization he was involved with.

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Until recently, Fisher held a significant political role as the leader of Philadelphia’s 42nd Ward and was active in Republican politics, supporting Trump in 2020 and campaigning with Mehmet Oz in 2022. His criminal history led to his resignation on the demand of Vince Fenerty, chair of Philadelphia’s Republican City Committee.

Fisher’s involvement with Moms for Liberty as a faith coordinator raises questions about the group’s internal vetting processes. The organization has seen rapid growth since its founding in 2021, with a focus on opposing LGBTQ discussions, critical race theory, and Covid-19 mandates in schools. It reported a significant increase in revenue, reaching $2.1 million in 2022. The organization has not yet responded to inquiries regarding Fisher’s role and his criminal history.

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Founders of the organization have repeatedly denied claims that their members are “affiliated” with groups such as the Proud Boys, the 3%ers, and other extremist groups. However, as we reported last week, chapter chairs throughout the country are repeatedly being seen posing for photos with members of these organizations, even flashing hand signs associated with hate and extremism.

When we contacted the Chair of the Boone County Chapter, not only did she confirm the photos posted on her Facebook page with the Proud boy’s were authentic, she defended them stating that they had common goals with Mons for Liberty and were both labeled extremist groups.

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The national organization released a statement stating that those two chairs had been removed from their positions, but would not comment on the status of their membership or the examples of other chapter chairs who were also seen on photos similar, and even wearing clothing with Proud Boys logos on them.

Moms for Liberty is currently facing a branding crisis as they denounce such behavior publicly, while their supporters overwhelmingly criticized their chastisement and disassociation of the extremism groups.

Moms for Liberty responded to the allegations not by condemning the admitted and convicted pedophile, but by stating he was “just a volunteer.” It’s not clear how many members of their organization which they claims to be over 100k strong are not volunteers. After the multiple tweets about the issue by the organization and its founders, not once do they say a single thing about the actual horrific crimes the predator is convicted of, or sympathy for the victim. Although that shouldn’t be a surprise as they are actively lobbying to outlaw any teaching aid empathy and sympathy in public schools.

School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins, who defeated Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich responded. Another citizen responded with “not a drag queen.”

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