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Audio obtained of Randy Fine’s sworn false statement to Police in criminal complaint alleging Deputy Mayor Johnson “looked mean at me”; this is a must listen

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On July 21, State Representative Randy Fine took to Facebook with another self-proclaimed “breaking news” post. He wanted to break the news to the public that the State Attorney’s office reviewed his criminal complaint he filed against Palm Bay’s Deputy Mayor Kenny Johnson and determined (shockingly) that no crime took place.

However, Randy who is not one to allow small facts like that get in the way, and has made a habit of equivocating simple outrageous accusations to outright convictions, does not hesitate to refer to himself as the victim of this “assault” that never took place.

Here’s Randy’s post, but be warned if you have sensitive ears before proceeding, because there will be a tremendous amount of dog-whistling in these statements of his.

To start off, “video to be released showing thug-like aggressive behavior” is lie #1. The video he is referring to, which he admits he has not seen, is security footage from a camera at F.I.T. that captured this brutal staring contest. According to the Melbourne Police Department’s Records Division, the security footage in question is exempt from public records laws in accordance with Florida Statutes 119.071(3)(a). So no, it is not soon “to be released.”

Secondly, Kenny Johnson is not a pedophile, no matter how many times Fine falsely states it, which is almost daily. Lie #2. More on that later. Johnson responded after Florida Today covered the story.

Thirdly, the State Attorney’s office made no determination about “Johnson’s violent threats” because there is no evidence of such ever happening…except for Randy’s own words stating that Johnson said “you better stop or you’ll be sorry!” Not knowing how many actual violent “thugs” Randy has been around, or how many times he’s been threatened to the point of feeling the need to seek police assistance, it’s not fair to judge his experience, but usually “you’ll be sorry” is more liken to threats from the Looney Tunes characters.

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So since there was no audio of the interaction, and no witness statements to corroborate what Randy claims was said, based off exclusively what Randy claims was, even if it had been true (which it isn’t), it still didn’t constitute a crime according to the State Attorney. But again, Randy still claims to be the victim of it nonetheless.

Randy then goes on to graduate Johnson from “pedophile” to “admitted sexual assaulter”….”of a child”….”at school” all of which is 100%, completely false and made up by Randy which he has repeated for nearly 4 years now, with zero evidence whatsoever.

Just for context, here is Kenny Johnson being awarded the 2018 Brevard Public Schools Partner of the Year; before ever being elected.

We just have to give special attention to the thought process it takes to make one post admitting the State Attorney’s office said no crime was committed, and follow it up with another post contradicting that statement while thanking law enforcement, while also referencing a video you haven’t seen claiming it proves your assault even though the same agency that did see it says it doesn’t. If you wonder why laws keep getting struck down in Florida, this is a clue from one of the authors of them.

It is a crime to make a false official statement to a law enforcement officer. Randy has been investigated for it before, and now he’s done it again. Below is Randy’s full sworn statement of his terrifying encounter taken by investigating officer, Detective Eric Gould, who just happens to be my previous neighbor just this year. I’m certain that since Randy brings me up constantly by name in his statement, and it’s well known that Randy brags about collecting surveillance video/photos of me in my home, had no bearing on this investigation. Enjoy.

What stands out quickly from the audio after Randy is sure to point out that he had one of the “nicer tables at the event” is that he learned, or was told the right language for this action (someone cutting in front of 2 people and walking up to you) is he (Johnson) “pulled up.”

Randy notes that the detective conducting the interview was smiling so he knew what that meant when referring to this thug tactic. What comes next after Johnson “pulled up” is terrifying. According to Randy, Johnson proceeded to “like, look at me angrily.” Not only did Johnson look at him, he also “didn’t say anything.” How Randy survived this far into the assault is a great testament to his bravery and thug experiences from the halls of Harvard.

The detective then asks how close Johnson got to Randy and he says “oh…a centimeter!” Randy would later say “I could have stuck out my tongue, and touched his head” which is a very odd way to measure things, but to each his own. Again, Randy’s experiences are unique.

Randy then goes on to explain how he doesn’t get intimidated or scared and told Kenny to “get away from me you thug!” A tactic which clearly has defeated many thugs throughout history.

At this point in the interview, Randy goes from Thug 1 to Thug 2, referencing the taller black male that was walking with Kenny and was now standing there in an intimidating way…which translates to….he was standing there. But that’s not all. According to Randy’s account, that’s when Thug 2 reached into his pocket and pulled out…..his phone! Randy then says “this is not happening” and tries to get away. He says it was at that point “Kenny pulled up again, right into my face.”

“I honestly didn’t know what to do,” Randy says. “I’m not a wimp.” At that point Randy introduces his savior, Satellite Beach Councilwoman Mindy Gibson. Randy says Mindy told Kenny “you need to walk away” (which according to her own sworn statement later, was false) but then Randy says Kenny then tries to “pull up” on her! But Randy says Kenny thought better of doing that and ended up walking away.

Now you may be wondering, as many others have that how could this assault happen in a room full of law enforcement officers in the middle of the dance floor right in front of the Sheriff himself, and no-one but Mindy intervene to save Randy from the relentless pull ups? Surely someone else witnessed the mean look, and the cell phone fully drawn from the pocket. It’s a fair concern, but we are happy that no one got hurt.

What Randy failed to share with the detective however was his Facebook post that very night of the pull up, and praising the quick action of Mindy Gibson who intervened after 7 minutes of the staring contest to save Randy.

Note: Yes Randy does like all of his own posts from all of his accounts.

If you notice at the bottom of Randy’s rant, he says he’s going to “redouble down” which I guess means quadruple down on his efforts to rid the community of the stain that is the Johnson family. Below is the Johnson family. Retired military family, both long-time public school teachers in Brevard. Ken Johnson, (Kenny’s father) references some actions taken by Randy that Randy also fails to mention to the detective. We will dive into that part two of this series.

Some have asked why it took Randy several days to file the report after the incident. Randy says in his statement that it’s because of Mindy Gibson and Courtney Barker (Satellite Beach City Manager) saying “this is escalating, you need to do something about this.” So Randy says he called Tallahassee, and they advised him to call the police and file a complaint, and wouldn’t you know it; Randy gets Robert Burns’ neighbor as the detective. Small world.

Melbourne Police Detective Eric Gould and his wife SGT Gould

At this point in the interview, the detective is trying to reproduce the scene with Randy by describing it. Randy says had Mindy not intervened, he doesn’t know how it would have ended because “I’m not gonna back down from a thug.” Mindy’s sworn statement is below which contradicts just about everything Randy says.

Randy also goes on to speak about Thug 2 again that “tried to intimidate me” and how he didn’t know who he was. He says he believes he’s in his 20’s maybe 30. Randy is well known for his accuracy in guessing ages. Well, here’s who he is.

Meet retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Smith.

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

Here’s Smith after he pulled up on Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey and Alfrey’s girlfriend at the event. Randy later speaks specifically about the hat Smith is seen wearing here telling the detective it was “inappropriate” and the way he wore it was inappropriate, clearly an important detail in solving the case. Randy is known for his hat etiquette. There’s a lot of inappropriateness in that photo, but the hat is not part of it.

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Marcus with Melbourne Deputy Mayor Tim Thomas at the event.

It should be noted that throughout the sworn statements and even Detective Gould’s report, there are several unidentified individuals mentioned. Only the race of one individual is repeatedly pointed out by both Randy and the detective. Detective Gould is also very helpful in his leading questions and attempts to identify problems with Kenny’s conduct, referencing “conduct unbecoming.” I’m still searching for that criminal statute. But we are thankful with the nearly 40 public photos Marcus posted that night and others, tagging countless elected officials, we were able to solve the great mystery of the unknown, intimidating, hovering, inappropriate fedora wearing, 50 year-old that looks 25, retired Veteran black man with the unholstered cell phone. That’s some solid-Gould detective work.

Back to Mindy the savior. Separate from Mindy contradicting Randy’s version of events, Detective Gould brings up this unbecoming conduct crime again, since obviously pulling up and staring contests aren’t crimes. Gould suggests and Mindy agrees that no elected official should ever behave in such a manner as Kenny did that night; mean looks and all. But I was surprised to hear Mindy say this honestly.

Why? Well, Mindy is part of a political organization known as the Florida League of Cities. Rewind just a few months prior to this fundraiser incident, and we find video of Mindy “pulling up” on School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins. Jenkins is also a member of the same organization. After a meeting on this particular night, Mindy followed Jenkins out to her car in the dark parking lot, and confronted her about some public records requests that Jenkins asked for between Randy and Mindy.

For those who may not have known, Jenkins was recently the victim of a false DCF claim, and harassment by protestors outside her satellite beach home that claimed to be sent there by Randy Fine. The incidents made national news. Mindy lives down the street from Jenkins. Instead of speaking to Jenkins inside at the meeting, she followed her out to he car, leaning into her car berating and questioning her, even calling her ghetto at one point. I can’t help but wonder how Detective Gould would feel about this.

When Jenkins suggested she had plenty of time to speak to her inside, Mindy stated she didn’t want to do it in front of a lot of people to which Jenkins reminded her, she does it in front of a lot of people all the time on social media. Mindy was attempting to conduct her own “investigation” into the already ongoing investigation of the attacks Jenkins was enduring. There are a lot of parallels between Randy’s behavior and Mindy’s. One now blocked commenter on Randy’s Facebook page summed it up well. “Randy constantly harasses and bully’s people from behind a keyboard. He ran into one of those people in real-life and called the police.”

But I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised. A quick records search shows that Mindy too has a history of questionable public conduct, indicative of her arrest for breach of the peace and disorderly conduct. Granted she was only 23 back then, we see she’s come a long way.

In part 2 of the “Pull Up” series, we will go in-depth of the lies Randy has repeatedly spread and show that although he tells Florida Today he has nothing to do with the harassing mailers, flyers, robo-calls, and robo-texts the citizens of Palm Bay are tired of receiving, we now have the records and statement proving otherwise.

Obviously, there is some sarcasm in this article, but the underlying issue is not a laughing matter. What we are witnessing is an individual that will constantly abuse his office, initiating “investigations” to his baseless accusations over and over. Then despite the accusations being unfounded, portray them as being found guilty, over and over again, until people simply believe it. As you can see, anyone can make an accusation, and it can cause an investigation. Then bits and pieces of that information can be shared to make it appear as something it’s not. Someone like him can even hold bogus press conferences about it. Randy has done it with me, he’s done it with Kenny, he’s done it with other elected officials to retaliate against. It’s why he deletes so many comments from his posts, why he blocks so many people from his posts, and frankly why although seems funny, likes his own posts. All to give the false appearance of support and approval. It’s why that while he’s on a hiking trip with his son, he’s still posting on these week-old posts with hashtags like #littleJohnson or #bowtieonathug or whatever else he thinks is clever.

Randy upset that his post didn’t go the way he thought it would.

It appears that what we are seeing now is that he’s in-too-deep and even he is believing his own lies at this point. It’s truly a sad thing to witness of an elected official in such an important position. Maybe the people will decide he shouldn’t be there anymore and “pull up” to the ballot box this November.

Below is Detective Gould’s narrative which also describes the video.

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