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Here’s the email that got Brevard interim superintendent shown the door

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Many have requested to see the actual 12 page email that landed Dr. Schiller on indefinite administrative leave.

The email was sent to Board Chair Matt Susin and the board attorney back in mid February as part of a back and forth discussion of amending his employment agreement.

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Although Schiller’s email made some valid points, it suddenly took a scorched earth turn of personal attacks on board members, senior staff, consulting agencies, and other previous candidates for his job.

He rightfully criticized the rushed process the board took to choose an interim superintendent after the ousting of Dr. Mullins. Ironically, the evidence of that claim is shown clearly through their selection of him and where we are today.

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Many of the issues that were revealed in this document, were brought to the board as a whole by Jennifer Jenkins back in early January, but the board took no action at that time.

It’s not clear why Susin waited for nearly a month and a half to bring forward this document to the rest of the board, and likely should have called a special meeting (as he frequently does) to address it immediately upon receipt.

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Since the new board has taken over, their actions have resulted in having to pay Dr. Mullins an enormous severance package, and now Dr. Schiller will be paid for the remainder of his over $18,000 a month salary while on paid leave. The tax payers will have now footed a bill nearly $1 million to get rid of two superintendents with so far nothing in return.

The deadline for applicants for the permanent position is tomorrow. Thus far only 11 candidates have applied from the entire country. Over 100 applied previously for the position the last time it was up for grabs.


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