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Help name Brevard’s newest crime-fighting puppies

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Tonight we are asking our citizens to help us name Daisy-Mae’s puppies that are ready to start training for their new careers as K-9 Crimefighters!! While eight of the ten pups will go on to be trained to search for missing children, seniors with Alzheimer’s, and as child comfort dogs, two of our female pups are taking on a brand new role as part of our amazing new educational partnership with the Brevard Zoo Farmyard!!

As you can see in the poster of these beautiful pups, two of them already have names as our K-9 Handlers named one of them “Baby Blue” in honor of the dad to the puppies and also one of the females in honor of Cindy Johnson, who has purchased and donated over 16 ballistic vests to our K-9’s, to help keep them safe in the performance of their duties.

So with that said, we need to find names for eight of these amazing bloodhound pups and since it’s been a few years since the last time we did a “name that puppy contest” we are once again asking our citizens to help us!!

To submit a name for this furry squad of law enforcement officers please comment below on this post with name suggestions for the male pups identified by the blue collars and the females identified by the pink collars. Only names submitted through this post will be considered in the contest and remember, we need 4 female names and 4 male names so feel free to give a specific pup a name by using their assigned number or you can just give us some different names and we will try and match them to their personalities!!

The contest ends on December 2nd at 9:00 P.M. at which time our team will take all of the name suggestions and announce the respective names to the various pups. The citizens who provide us with the winning names will be invited to a “Naming Celebration” and swear-in ceremony to pin the badges on all of these amazing new Deputy Dogs!!

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