Group of Florida Attorneys Issue Statement Condemning Sheriff Ivey and LT Gamin


A group of attorneys have issued a statement condemning recent police action in Brevard and calling for immediate reforms.  The Brevard chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys issued a statement Tuesday condemning the attempted recruitment of violent police officers by Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Bert Gamin in his capacity as president of the Brevard Fraternal Order of Police.  Brevard FACDL further condemns Sheriff Ivey’s decision not to join other law enforcement leaders in a community town hall this weekend and his agency’s decision to make questionable arrests of black people for Facebook posts regarding damage to government property while choosing not to arrest white people threatening to kill protestors. Brevard FACDL has demanded Sheriff Wayne Ivey launch an internal affairs investigation into Mr.Gamin and his actions, and when it is ultimately determined he violated rules of conduct, fire Lt. Gamin.  Brevard FACDL further calls for a citizen’s oversight committee to review all cases of alleged police misconduct.  FACDL has presented these demands and a list of comprehensive reforms to all police leaders and elected officials with authority over law enforcement. 

Please contact Brevard FACDL President Colleen Adkins DeGraff at 321-236-1420, or for further information. 

ATTACHMENTS: BREVARD FACDL STATEMENT 06-09-2020 (Click first page to advance)



  1. Brevard has had too much experience when it comes to Ivey “we police ourselves” and his internal investigations. Any investigation into Ivey’s office and his officers needs to be external, independent, and public…or it cannot be trusted.


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