GRAPHIC: Video shows possible self-defense motive in 17 year-old Kenosha protestor shooting killing 2


Cell phone video captures the shooting during a protest by a 17 year old male that resulted in killing 2 and injuring 1.

The shooting has been called an act of terrorism by many, however this most recent video shows that the shooter may have been acting in self defense.

The video captures the suspect fleeing from a group of protestors. What is not shown in this video however was the earlier shooting of a protestor in the head, and those pursuing the suspect believed him to be the original shooter.

He was a part of an armed militia who was walking around the protests, at times acting in coordination with law enforcement. Video footage shows the group speaking with police who provided them with water and told them thank you, telling the militia that they appreciated them.

The individual who filmed the first shooting started that the altercation began when the armed 17 year old confronted some protestors who were vandalizing vehicles.


Video below is a compilation of all available videos which also shows the first shooting which occurred after a bag was thrown at the shooter.

Protests erupted in Kenosha on Sunday after police shot Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, as he was opening the door of his parked car. Although shot seven times in the back at close range, Blake survived. He is hospitalized in stable condition but reportedly has been paralyzed below the waist. The circumstances around Blake’s shooting remained unclear on Wednesday, three days after it occurred. Two officers have been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated by the Kenosha County district attorney Michael Graveley and the Wisconsin Justice Department’s division of criminal investigation.


  1. Self defense? Don’t be so gullible. He wasn’t protecting his personal property. He shot unarmed people. He had no authority. Even the police wasn’t using weapons. He’s a chubby 17 year old nobody and now he will pay for his crime.

    • If i got attacked by a group of “peacefull protesters” and i had a gun on me i would have done the same, BLM is known for extreme violence and destruction.

    • Wow i cant believe the amount of bullshit coming out of your mouth, i do agree that he didnt need a gun BUT, He was alone out numbered and being chased down by a mob of people and not only did they try to chase him down they tried taking the gun away and i bet if one of them got the gun they would have shot his ass because hes white and against blm and i am too because all they do is cause more problems for America, all they do is mob loot and kill/hurt innocent white people and innocent cops. you know not all cops are like that. Btw blm is bullshit not because im racist (im not) its because you guys are saying that all cops do is kill innocent black people, well actually just a few months earlier a police came in a innocent white mans house at night and shot and killed him in his sleep. I have nothing against the black community nor the white community but this shit has got to stop. RIP to the anonyms white guy killed in his sleep and to George Floyd.

  2. Self-defense all the way video evidence shows he was being chased by a group of people at least one with a skateboard and one with a gun shouting shoot him kill him. After tripping and falling he was kicked in the tags and when you see the gun he shot the guy in the arm others tried to attack and take his weapon any shot in fire self-defense if you’re too stupid to run up on a guy with a gun acting as if you want to do him harm and he shoot you that’s your fault

  3. Schecky, you obviously live in your parent’s basement because you clearly don’t have the intellect to make it on your own. But hey, I do support the mentally challenged just so you know. not sure if you can actually comprehend that though.


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