Graphic Detail of Tres Holton Providing Prostitution to Officials-Randy Fine Named Twice by FBI/FDLE


In over a 2 hour interrogation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI of former Palm Bay City Councilman Tres Holton, Holton describes in detail what he called “trade secrets” of how he would obtain prostitutes for elected officials and lobbyists in Tallahassee and other places.

Ivey Endorsed Kristine Isnardi for County Commissioner; Dave Isnardi at her side.

We obtained hours upon hours of interrogations and secret recordings from the State Attorney’s office related to the ongoing case of former Palm Bay Deputy City Manager David Isnardi who has been charged with several felonies. David is the husband of District 5 Brevard County Commissioner Kristine Isnardi.

During the interview, Holton is pressed to name names for parties he would host where he would contact one of several escort agencies he had in his phone and bring girls over for what he described as “entertainment.”

He emphatically denies witnessing any illegal activity and that the girls would simply come over to serve drinks or deal cards. He stated that if an official went to another location with a girl, he didn’t have any knowledge of what took place. Other documents and statements in the investigation later show this claim to be untrue.

Randy Fine, Tres Holton, and Councilman Brian Anderson

When asked how he paid for these services he stated he paid using his own cash. He was questioned if he had ever used Mike  Haridopolos business credit cards or accounts to pay for these services or if Haridopolos was aware of his activities in Tallahassee and he stated no. During this time, Holton was a licensed lobbyist and also managed Mike Haridpolus’ Political Action Committee Campaign Account. Other statements in the investigation also contradict Holton’s claims on this account.

Throughout the interview, the agents try to convince Holton that Dave Isnardi is not his friend. This was after Holton describing him as a trusted friend. They then went on to play a part of a 3 hour recorded interview of Isnardi where he makes several harsh claims against Holton which lead to their questioning.

Among Isnardi’s claims were that Tres lived in strip clubs; he used about 10 different escort services; he hosted parties in a party house right outside Tallahassee; and that he was planning on leaving his wife for his ex girlfriend. Holton heard all these claims on the audio recording.

Also on the Isnardi recording was the plan to try and extort both Holton and Councilman Jeff Bailey by placing them in compromising positions and catching it on camera. He planned on catching Holton in what is known as “the clubhouse” in Palm Bay engaged is sexual acts with prostitutes on video.

He also attempted to place illegal drugs inside Jeff Bailey’s vehicle and have an officer that was close to him conduct a search on the vehicle. Among the officer’s Isnardi claims to have thought he could use for this set up was current Melbourne City Councilman Paul Alfrey. Alfrey was a former K-9 Police Officer who specialized in such policing.

Holton goes on to say that he doesn’t know why they would be planning this because he wouldn’t be involved in that kind of activity. At this point the investigator says “according to him and others, this was a frequent thing at Representative Fine’s place and different facilities…”

The agent goes on to state that Fine’s office is across the street from the strip club Pin Ups in Palm Bay. Because there are two investigators speaking at once, it is difficult to make out the rest of what is said about Fine and him in the strip club. The audio of this part of the conversation is here for your own interpretation.

This strip club is also the subject of another part of the conversation and an incident involving a Commissioner of the Palm Bay BCRA where an alleged sexual assault took place by this Commissioner to one of the girls of the club. According to Holton, the owner of the club tried to use this incident to blackmail the City Attorney Andrew Lannon and Holton in order to get a favorable business deal on the sale of the club to the City.

There are several allegations made with initial denials by Holton followed by confessions. Asked several times for the specific names of the attendees of his parties, he refused to give them up stating he didn’t want to see respected people go down when they did nothing illegal. The agents tell Tres they don’t believe him.

Holton said he provided these services approximately 10 times over several legislative sessions the last being in February of 2017.

At that point the investigators bring up Sheriff Wayne Ivey and ask Tres if Wayne was “still mad at him.” Tres says that he believes Wayne has two phone numbers and that Wayne texts him at 1 in the morning dropping f-bombs and that frustrates him.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Tres Holton

Within this recording and others are several other stories that bring some of these pieces together that we will be addressing in some future articles. The length of the investigation is entirely too large for one article and expands over several years.

Most of those mentioned here are currently running for reelection this year. Holton claimed in a Facebook post last year that he was retiring form politics last December. However he is still listed as the manager or registered agent on several political action committees for campaign finances.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey is running unopposed at the moment, and is listed on the fundraising committee for both Randy Fine and Kristine Isnardi; both of who are running for reelection for their current offices. Isnardi is currently running against the Palm Bay Mayor William Capote. Paul Alfrey is also up for reelection.

However, one thing that is different this election from the last election is the absence of Fine’s name from Isnardi’s fundraising committee and the absence of her’s from his.

Fine who was in the frequent company of the Isnardi’s has began visibly distancing himself from them since David Isnardi’s arrest. Randy Fine also gives credit to Tres Holton in a Facebook post after his last election for getting him elected.

As we stated, there are a lot of stories here which we will be releasing in the near future.

The full audio of the interrogation involving the prostitution questioning can be heard here.


  1. Isnardi is having her trolls, vic luebker, isnardi daughter Anna-Marie Betts, Janice Crisp, Katen Colby and a Matthew Wolfe doxx harass, vaguely threaten Brevard citizens in their attempt to silence citizens with questions or concerns about our county. These isnardi trolls even go after their own Republican citizens that question their authority.
    Vic Luebker loves to threaten to sic sheriff wayne ivey on brevard citizens. Vic had Wayne Ivey call brevard republican supporter and fundraiser S.H in a 45 minute call that left her terrified that she would be set up by the sheriff’s dept. She was basically told STFU and fundraise and endorse who they want endorsed.
    Janice Crisp running for Palm Bay office has an assault and battery she committed in 2018 and non payment eviction in palm bay as well. She is going to peaceful protests trying to instigate violence.
    Most of these isnardi trolls have significant records on Brevard County Clerk of court.
    Other citizens have approched me on FB to send me screen shots and tell ne their stories. I understand Florida is a republican strong hold for over 35 years now.
    BUT elected GOP in Brevard are trying to strangle hold citizens into silence.
    Isnardi trolls along with lober are crashing peaceful protest in an effort to incite violence and again to scare Brevardians into silence. Vic Luebker had me doxx’d and demanded proof of life on me. Because I found out about his abusive and charity rip off past.
    I do not know who Matthew Wolfe is but he is obssessed with all things isnardi and trolls ppl hard that have an opinion or question kristine isnardis tactics. He has a rather lengthy Brev county clerk of courtvrecord and seems to have adjudication withheld quite a bit on his arrest/court cases.
    These ppl need to be investigated and held accountable.

  2. Icases.I went to the Brevard County Commissioners’ mtg several months back when other Brevard Citizens came to complain about Lober, Luebker and troll Co doing the same to them.
    Karen Colby IM Vic Luebker my address and other trolls provide info in real time on Vic’s politico page.
    I asked Kristine Isnardi what shecwas going to do because they are emboldening trolls and violence will eventually happen. And reminded her of her oath as County Commissioner and as an RN.
    She deflected, spoke about her feelings, did some word salad then pointed to the Florida Today reporter videoing the mtg that they were fake news.

    • Kristine Isnardi is stuck up snob. She was at a Back to School Back Pack event given by a church in town. She wouldn’t talk or respond to the volunteers who were near by. I know as I was one of them. If she becomes mayor you might as well close Palm Bay.

  3. Wait until you hear the Wayne Ivey recordings. That guy is an absolute narcissistic lunatic. Now he’s pissed because another Florida Sheriff got his dream job.


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