Full Video: BCSO Narcotics Agent damages property owners camera trying to hide identity


The full video from an earlier video showing a Brevard County Sheriff’s Narcotics Agent damaging a citizens personal property in an attempt to hide his identity, has been obtained.

The video starts with the deputies appearing to have pulled over a vehicle that has stopped in someone else’s driveway who has nothing to do with the incident. One deputy is seen chasing after someone on foot, and is joined by the other deputy. A few moments later, they come back to the vehicle the pulled over without the person who appears to have gotten away.

The occupants of the vehicle never got out of the vehicle while the deputies chased the other unknown individual.

They then direct the male and female occupant out of the vehicle and begin questioning them. Neither of them are ever placed in handcuffs and dont appear to have been searched in this video.

Then one agent begins to search the vehicle when he looks up and notices the camera located above the garage of the unrelated homeowners house.

He walks up to the camera then jumps and slaps at it attempting to move it from viewing either himself or the search.

2 Palm Bay police officers also show up and speak with the agents, and then leave.

Towards the last few minutes of the video, the homeowner can be heard speaking to the deputies through the audio of his camera asking that they get off of his property.

The agents appear to leave, and then shortly after the vehicle that was pulled over backs out of the driveway, and drives off. It does not appear that any arrests were made nor citations issues from what is seen in the video.

One of the residents come outside after they have left, and looks at the damage to their camera.

The owners state that they called and filed a complaint with the Sheriff’s office, and were told they would be replied to. A month went by with no response.

The agents never came to the owners door to address their actions or the damage of their personal property.

“You can’t just go onto someones private property and tamper with let alone damage their property because you don’t want to be seen. It’s illegal for citizens, and it’s illegal for cops” said one of the neighbors who did not want to be identified.

The citizens then contacted a 3rd party for advice on how to rectify the situation and damage to their personal property. They were surprised that almost immediately after contacting a 3rd party, Sheriff Ivey himself called them and asked to set up a private meeting in his office, according to their statements.

That meeting has yet to happen several months after the fact.

Today a part of the 10 minute video appeared on social media showing the actions of this agent. The agent in the video has been identified through several sources, but we are not publishing his name.


  1. if any other citizen would have knocked the property’s owners camera there would have been at least a misdemeanor charge filed against the offender. has this cop had any disciplinary actions taken against him for this damage/destruction of another’s property? law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard than the average citizen, especially while on duty. they should have to purchase personal professional liability insurance instead of having qualified immunity against prosecution. they need to be held accountable for their actions. i support law enforcement, but only the good ones, the bad or ones that let crap like this occur in their presence need to go.

  2. This same narcotics agent came beating on my door in Cape Canaveral a couple of years ago with his partner and supervisor asking for my brother Marvin. He got mad at me because I wouldn’t come out the door, then suck his for in the door so I wouldn’t close it. Has me hemmed up at the door for an hour asking me for my ID in my own home. When I asked him what address he was looking for he just replied “This one” ( my entire apartment complex is the same address, save for the apartment number with nearly 300 units)

  3. This is the same Sheriff’s Derputy that came to my apartment, beating on my door, asking for my brother Marvin ( I have no family, whatsoever, that is named Marvin). I asked him what address he had, he replied “This one” (my apartment complex of 300 units has the same address save for the apartment number) I told him to leave my door, he made up some story about his drug sniffing canine, that’s when I told him I had a camera at the door watching this entire event unfold. His tone changed and he finally removed his foot from the door jamb.


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