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Florida Sets New Single-Day Record with 15,300 New Cases Overnight

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A new record breaking spike in Covid-19 cases for Sunday.

The new record of 15,300 shattered the previous record by nearly 40% bringing Florida to a total of 269,811 cases of Covid-19.

45 more deaths were reported this morning as well bringing the total to 4,242.

43,320 cases are in Central Florida alone.

Brevard County has 3,237 cases and 28 deaths.

Brevard County cases by age

Many Central Florida ICU’s are at capacity with others at 90% capacity.

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ICU beds available in Brevard County Hospitals (source:https://bi.ahca.myflorida.com/t/ABICC/views/Public/ICUBedsCounty?fbclid=IwAR3Y5JoThrxj4InbqW8MxFu_6iKEKrbgBJkcXZa8dUOEXpNFHzaTdp37z2U&:isGuestRedirectFromVizportal=y&:embed=y)

This information comes on the heels of discussions of mandatory school reopening.

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